Jumat, 25 November 2011

thanksuntuk sahabat hilya

The day she is not with me
is the day that I die
following her always,
with no frown or no sigh.
My life would not be complete
without my very best friend
I know she'll always be here,
until the very end.
I thank her for life
and all the joys so far
praying to God always,
on a lucky star.

I love you so, so much
you are my everything
thanks for being you,
and taking me under your wing.
Raindrops on roses
and a few of my favorite things
her face would always glisten,
each time she would sing.
Beautiful by nature
a true friend at best
surpassing all the others,
she's better than the rest.
Whatever it may be
boys, a cough, or just a mood
she will always sit and listen,
never, ever being rude.
I never have to say
when I'm feeling down
she only just knows,
by my hidden frown.
Her hug or her smile
can break my mood so fast
making me see the bright side,
putting the bad to the past.
Now as I'm older
you could call us a pair
our looks, wit, and charm,
are only a few that we share.
My world is only whole
with her by my side
having her always there,
to love and to guide.

thanks untuk persahabatan kita...

selama ini kamu adalah sahabt yng terbaik untu hilya
thanks untuk segalanya yang pernah tercipta untuk hilya
hari-hari indah itu bersamamu..sahabatku...

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